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2% pay offer to our hard-working Council workers is insulting

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

The current 2% pay offer to our hard-working Council workers is insulting and shows the SNP’s complete disregard for all their continued hard work.

COSLA, has offered Council Workers a 2% increase, against the backdrop of an SNP Government dealing local authorities a massive cut in core funding of £371 million, whilst still themselves receiving extra funding from UK Government.

Trying as usual to get off the hook, the SNP has passed the buck on this to COSLA to deal with, however pay negotiations should really be a matter for the SNP Government.

“I hope that SNP ministers will engage seriously with the negotiations and offer a reasonable and proportionate pay increase to our hard-working Council Workers, which really considers the increasing cost of living pressures, the 2% offered is just a complete and utter insult! Of course, alongside this, it’s clear that much more needs to be done to address concerns around staff wellbeing and working conditions as well.”

Council Staff need and deserve a decent pay increase and local Council’s need better funding from the SNP Government to be able to pay for it, so that local services don’t need to be cut further to fund any increases!

The SNP Government must get round the negotiating table properly and thrash out a deal to prevent these strikes from happening. It is after all, their systematic underfunding of local authorities that has left councils unable to increase wages for workers!

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