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Bank of Scotland Cumnock Branch Closure

Sharon Dowey MSP and Cllr Neill Watts recently visited the branch to monitor local usage on weekdays.

Local Councillor Neill Watts has expressed concern over the Bank of Scotland’s decision to close the Cumnock branch, the only remaining branch in the area. Alongside colleagues Councillor Alyson Simmons and Sharon Dowey MSP, he recently visited the Cumnock Branch to monitor local usage on a normal weekday.

Neill said, “We have major concerns about this bank branch closing, not least the issue of free access to cash within our town. Currently, in the town centre we have only two free cash machines which will shortly be reduced to just one. This is totally unacceptable."

“Whilst banking hubs have a place, they can never replace the service provided by the only remaining branch in rural East Ayrshire.” Neill continued, “I have personally asked the Council’s Chief Executive Officer Eddie Fraser to urgently look into this issue, highlighting the poor availability of free cash machines within our area. The Council has now started looking at ways this situation can be improved locally.”


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