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‘Clueless’ Nicola Sturgeon’s hard border checks will wreak havoc for people in Scotland!

Yesterday 17th October 2022, Nicola Sturgeon used government resources to push for a divisive independence referendum.

After spending the summer launching papers pushing for another independence referendum, Nicola Sturgeon is again prioritising a referendum campaign by publishing yet another independence paper.

Councillor Neill Watts said "This is the wrong priority at the worst possible time. The SNP Government should not be using taxpayer money to push for their political obsession to break up our country and divide Scotland all over again. Instead, they should be focusing on tackling Scotland’s real priorities."

"The SNP Government are presiding over disastrous NHS waiting times and are failing to use their powers to ease the global cost-of-living crisis here in Scotland. That should be their priority during these difficult times, rather than their divisive referendum agenda."

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