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Cumnock Memory Garden...

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

I was delighted to attend and support the Cumnock Action Plan's completion and viewing event, of phase1 and launch of phase2 of the Cumnock Memory Garden, this lunchtime in Armitage Drive, Cumnock.

The Memory Garden has been designed to be a peaceful and quiet space, where people can sit, relax and enjoy the views across the town to the countryside beyond. The garden has been built on the site of the former Shankston Bing, recalling Cumnock’s mining heritage.

The sculpture called “Reading Between the Lines” made up of three carved blocks of pink granite, engraved with different surface pattern, designs inspired by the stories and recollections of the senior residents of Cumnock. The designs carved into the stone reveal details that we hope will spark fond memories and allow visitors young and old, to reminisce about the past, while enjoying their visit to the garden.

Well done to the Cumnock Action Plan, now on to phase 2.

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