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National Care Service - SNP Sleep Walking in to a Potential Disaster!...

A coalition of organisations, including local councils, have urged the SNP to reconsider their plans for a centralising National Care Service.

A host of organisations, including the local councils’ body COSLA, have said the SNP must rethink their plans to centralise care, as there is little support for them outside the ranks of government.

Picture outside a Care Home

Councillor Neill Watts saidThe last thing our social care system and those reliant on it need is services being centralised and moved away from local communities, the SNP Scottish Government are just sleep walking in to a potential disaster!”

"They must start to listen to this powerful coalition of Council’s and Unions that has been brought together to voice opposition to a National Care Service."

"The Scottish Conservative and Unionists will continue to urge SNP ministers in Holyrood to ditch their costly plans for a National Care Service and must focus on giving local social care providers across Scotland the resources they need as a matter of urgency.”

"15 years of SNP failure has left social care on the verge of breaking point and the last thing the sector needs is a bureaucratic overhaul of services, which will see services centralised and moved away from local communities. This would cost £1.3 billion and take away funding from local services."

The Scottish Conservative and Unionists would fix social care across Scotland by creating a ‘Local Care Service’ that really will empower local communities and guarantee that everyone can receive high quality care close to home.

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