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Police walk around Cumnock Town Centre and Woodroad Park

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

This morning I met with the new Police Inspector in Cumnock Ms Jennifer McCulloch and PC Stevie Prendergast, joining them on a walk around Cumnock Town Centre and Woodroad Park. We looked at anti-social behaviour hotspots and discussed the Ayrshire Police Summer Campaign, which was launched last week.

We visited the Play Area at Woodroad Park, the Town Square (Lugar Street), Townhead Street, Glaisnock Street and finished our walk at the Bus Station on Tanyard, itself a hotspot of anti-Social behaviour last year. Our discussion ranged from underage drinking to graffiti and shoplifting.

I asked Inspector McCulloch about the planned use of high-tech flying devices, equipped with video surveillance, that will be used in public hotspots like Woodroad park and the Bus Station, also the plan to increase patrols over the area during the summer.

The overall message from Police Inspector McCulloch for everyone within our community here in Cumnock and New Cumnock was to enjoy the summer holidays and stay safe but to remember that if you have any issues or concerns which need Police assistance call 101 and report it straight away.

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