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Save the Cumnock Toilets from SNP Budget Cuts...

East Ayrshire Conservatives and I will oppose and fight against the SNP Administrations proposed cuts which will see the closure of the free Municipal Toilets in Cumnock Town Centre.

The proposal to close the free Toilets at the Bus Station and replace them with a payable automated unit from Kilmarnock is an unacceptable suggestion for our Town. It could mean that you would need to pay £1 to spend a Penny!

Closing the current Free Toilet facilities could be extremely bad for anyone with a medical issue and could also be detrimental to various groups within our community, not to mention that the modern automated unit from Kilmarnock would be an eyesore within our Historic Town.

The suggestion is part of our SNP Run Council’s proposals to cut £8 Million from Local East Ayrshire Services, including cuts of £1.86M from the Education budget and £3.73M from the Social Care (IJB) budget.

You can have your say on the proposed SNP budget cuts for our local area that will make up part of the Council's Budget 2023/2024 on the link below up until 1st February 2023:

East Ayrshire Conservatives – Standing up for our Community, your Local Priorities, Not the SNP’s.

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