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Nicola Sturgeon has been unable to say when the SNP-created ScotRail chaos will end.

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Under questioning from Douglas Ross at First Minister’s Questions, Nicola Sturgeon was unable to say when the services that have been cut due to the SNP’s failing negotiations with train drivers will be restored.

Nicola Sturgeon refused to apologise to commuters for this disruption and could not confirm if businesses who are affected by these reduced services will be compensated. Ever since the SNP nationalised ScotRail just over a month ago, services have been cut and fares have gone up. It is typical of the SNP’s incompetence that things have gone disastrously so quickly.

Scotland’s commuters deserve so much better than this. The SNP must urgently work to restore cut services as soon as possible so that we can put Scotland back on the road to recovery from the pandemic.

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