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Holmhead Area - Road Safety

Following several Residents in Holmhead contacting me with concerns about Speeding Traffic and Road Safety in the area, with one of the big concerns raised being Children crossing at the bottom of Hospital Road and not being able to see Traffic unless standing in the middle of the Road.

I can report that I have been working with Ayrshire Roads Alliance since October last year to see what can be achieved to solve the issues raised.

A Speed Check Report on Hospital Road was commissioned by ARA Road Safety and it showed their was a problem with speeding traffic downwards to the Junction with Holmhead Road.

To solve the Speeding Traffic issue and to improve the Crossing at the Hospital Road / Holmhead Road Junction it has now been proposed that Eight Speed Humps and a Pavement Improvement in the form of a build out at the entrance to Hospital Road will help to improve Road Safety in the area for our Children Walking to School.

2 Speed Humps on Hospital Road,

3 Speed Humps on Bute Road,

1 Speed Hump on Templand Drive,

1 Speed Hump on Stepend Road and

1 Speed Hump on Eric Ross Way.

Plus the Pavement build out to make crossing the road safer for our Children

You can view the information on the proposed Speed Humps here:

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